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  •  The Atlanta Soul Kitchen – is a party series, that features the country’s best mixologist and finest DJ’s spinning Classic SOUL, DANCE & HOUSE MUSIC ALL NIGHT LONG!    

  • The Atlanta Soul Kitchen- takes place on the final Saturday each quarter.

  • The Atlanta Soul Kitchens energetic, pulsating, soundtrack will be provided by our resident DJs   The legendary KOOL DJ RED ALERT & renowned DJ/ Producer – DJ KEMIT.

  • The Atlanta Soul Kitchen – provides an outlet for the bourgeoning niche market of the DANCE & HOUSE MUSIC lovers in the city.   The market desires an easy to get to, comfortable, safe place to dance while listening to their favorite songs.

  • The Atlanta Soul Kitchens  dress code is casual.  sneakers or very comfortable shoes is our suggestion.  Loose clothing is also don't want to rip your jeans trying to get down!  

  • Target: Men/Women ages 30 and older, transplant from the mid-west or north east areas.  They are college educated, employed, and values entertainment.   

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